Friday, 23 September

Bizkaia Aretoa UPV-EHU

  • 18:00 Welcoming address. Iñaki Barcena
  • 18:30 Opening plenary session: Climate change post-Paris
    • Maxime Combes (Attac, France)
    • Jon Palais (Bizi! Mugimendua, Euskal Herria)
    • Elizabeth Peredo (Trenzando ilusiones, Bolivia)

Saturday, 24 September

Facultad de Economía y Empresa UPV-EHU (Sarriko)

  • 9:30 Plenary: How can we tackle urgent environmental challenges while responding to humanitarian crises?
    • Manuel Garí, New production models for the transition
    • Daniel Tanuro, The capitalist response to the eco-social crisis
    • María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, A constitutional framework for new production, energy and consumer models
    • Sandra Ezquerra, Alternatives from a feminist economy to the social emergency
    • Chair Leire Urkidi
  • 11:30 Break
  • 12:00 Workshops
    • Topic 1 (Production Model, Care and Employment): Employment and the production model in the systemic crisis. Yayo Herrero
    • Topic 2 (Food Sovereignty): Discussion on sovereignty. Alazne Intxauspe (EHNE Bizkaia), Esti Redondo, Denia (Honduras), Ekhi Atutxa (UPV/EHU)
    • Topic 3 (Energy Sovereignty): The Energy Network in our Society. Luis González Reyes, Conrad Kunze, Gorka Bueno
  • 14:00 Lunch
  • 15:30 Workshops
    • Topic 1 (Production Model, Care and Employment): Social Organisation of Care. Speaker: María Pazos. Explanation experiences: Isabel Otxoa (ATH), Dominique Saillard (Oreka), Sandra Ezquerra
    • Topic 2 (Food Sovereignty): Future Perspectives. Argentina (MCI), Alejandro Serrato (Andalucia, SAT), Arnau Calit (Països Catalans, CUP)
    • Topic 3 (Energy Sovereignty): Social Movements: from Resistence to the Transformation of the Energy Model. Mikel Otero (Fracking Ez), Alfons Pérez (ODG), Moisés Borges (MAB), Joâo Camargo (Bloco de Esquerda –Portugal)
    • Topic 4 (Education for Social Equity and the Protection of the Earth): Towards an Eco-Socialist Education. José Manuel Gutiérrez Bastida, Jorge Riechmann, Marta Pascual Ródriguez, Amaia Etxabe Goikoetxea
  • 17:30 Break
  • 18:00 Workshops
  • 19:30 – 20:00 Workshop Conclusions
  • 21:00 Supper and concert in Hika Ateneo

Sunday, 25 September

Facultad de Economía y Empresa UPV-EHU (Sarriko)

  • 9:30 Plenary: Trade unionism before the eco-socialist transition
    • Txiki Muñoz (ELA)
    • Ainhoa Etxaide (LAB)
    • Iratxe Alvarez (ESK)
    • Jose Manuel Gutierrez Bastida (Steilas)
    • Unai Aranguren (EHNE Bizkaia)
  • 11:30 Break
  • 12:00 Plenary: Before the dictatorship of big business, popular empowerment: sovereignty, democracy and social justice
    • Katerina Sergidou, Greece’s example, from the referendum to the third memorandum, from victory to defeat
    • Éric Toussaint, Economic Policy and the Sovereignty Crisis in EU Member States. A ‘Plan B for Europe’
    • Juan Hernández Zubizarreta, A new feudal order. Trade and investment agreements and treaties
    • Mario Zubiaga, From Disneyworld to community work. Building the Roadmap of Sovereignty
    • Chair: Izaro Gorostidi
  • 13:30 – 14:00 Lecture Final Manifesto